KT5 Company | windoor.v4 docs

So... where do I start?

Well first, you have to invite the bot.

Once you have the bot on your Discord server of choice, make sure the bot has permissions to the channel you're going to use the bot in and type wd!setup

Can't find any angels, no fun!
User "ktg5" ran the staff command, the bot responds asking the user if they want to really run the command or not.

: The message above the embed message is a notice from the bot telling you that you may use this command for now, but other staff command require you to have a role named Staff so the bot know you have permission to use the command.

Once you replied with "yes" the bot will make a Muted role, which is used in the wd!mute command.

When the bot is done setting itself up, it should return with a message like this with no errors.

Can't find any angels, no fun!
User "ktg5" said "yes", the bot responds telling the user that the setup is complete and that they maybe configure the bot using the command wd!config.

You have now successfully setup windoor.! You can use wd!help to see the list of commands windoor. that you can use.

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