KT5 Company | windoor.v4 docs


This command is helpful for those wondering if the windoor. bot is online or not. And if it is, the bot will reply with a embed message saying it's response time.

For those who are wondering what is the best for windoor.'s connection, anything below 150ms is a good connection. 200-400ms most likely means the bot was just reloaded. And anything higher most likely means Discord is having API issues.

Can't find any angels, no fun!
User "ktg5" said "yes", the bot responds telling the user that the setup is complete and that they maybe configure the bot using the command wd!config.


It's a well-konwn fact that a discord bot without a help command is basically useless.

The help command on windoor. displays all the commands windoor. has. And for those who have the Staff role on the server they used the wd!help command in, they will get a extra message showing them all the staff commands windoor. has.


The info command on windoor. has a long list of info go by.

The bot lists things such as the build name, server prefix, how many servers the bot is in, libraries used, bot ping, if DMs and command are enabled, uptime (from last reload), RAM and CPU usage.

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