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What's new with v4?

The switch to Discord.JS v12!

If you didn't know already, windoor. is built with the Discord npm library named Discord.JS. For years, windoor. has been using Discord.JS v11, but due to some errors overtime, we had to switch to v12.

This doesn't really change much about how the bot runs or anything like that, it just makes the bot more stable by being up-to-date.


Blackjack is an American card game that requires two or more people to play. The game has many rules and such it would be too long to explain on this page, so we recommend looking at a tutorial like this one (wikiHow lol) so you can better understand the game.

But unlike real Blackjack, there is no rewards (yet) and there's only two choices for every turn you have (deal, or stand).

If you'd like to play Blackjack with windoor., just type wd!blackjack into any server with windoor. on it and have fun!

Can't find any angels, no fun!
Blackjack demo.

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