KT5 Company | Discord + UptimeRobot
This page will be explain some questions and issues that can be easily solved.

How do I get my UptimeRobot token?

To get your UptimeRobot token, first go to your dashboard. Once there, click on "My Settings" on the top of the page.

Click on "Create the main API key".

Once that is done, under "Main API Key" click "Show/hide it", and click "Create API key".

A "Main API Key" can read and write to your UptimeRobot account, if you'd like the bot to have read-only premission use the "Read-Only API Key".

Click on "(Copy to Clipboard)" next to the API Key and then you have your UptimeRobot API key.

Can the bot send messages to a channel in my server about the status of my monitors?

Ever since v2 -- yes, the bot can log to a specific channel on a server. Check the README.md at "Part 3" for more information.

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